Friday, February 15, 2019

Skating in Nairobi

Consider the skates, do you recall them?
Come on, like the Rollerblade's. You remember them, now?
I’m not talking about the modern ones, with all the optionals, you know?
I mean old ones, shoes and wheels and let’s go.
Which were fashionable in the nineties.
You weren’t born yet? Okay, listen anyway.
You were? Then you remember, right?
Did you have them? No?
In any case, think how many of them ended up in the trash.
Like Toy Story's toys, whose life seems to end because the lucky child to have them got tired of them.
It “seems” to end, this verb is the meaning of everything.
Of the movie, and within this story.
Because what almost thirty years ago became a used object to get rid of, today in Kenya means fun and staying together...

Running away from the sorrows and difficulties of living...

And being happy with the little things that the real minorities of the world have forgotten...

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